Speed team and Mission Critical Leadership Development

3 Months | 4 to 16 Participants

Fast, Agile & Resilient

Post- Covid leaders will need to learn to operate in Faster, Flatter and far more riskier territories yesterday. Most “ carry everyone on their back leaders” have a reputation as being the “go-to person” who gets the job done no matter what. To be successful in this new time, they need to make the shift from being the “ALPHA” to the leader who builds teams of “go-to people.” Our EMERGE STRONGER  Leadership Development Program helps rising leaders make that shift quickly.


  • An opening self-assessment on key leadership behaviors.
  • HBS style case studies of past Strategic Fitness Profiling interventions
  • Four interactive webinars and four group coaching sessions with Tony and a team of Seasoned AGILE Leadership warriors.
  • A robust peer coaching process to drive progress and accountability.
  • A guided self-coaching process to improve high leverage leadership behaviors.
  • Closing webinar to pull it all together.

Copies for each participant of Copy of Fit to Compete by Mike Beer, The Disruption Mindset by Charlene Li and Wired for Disruption by Henna Inam