Global Executive Coaching – 360

Customized Hybrid learning that combines contemporary Executive Education and Role/Circumstance based coaching.

The leaders in his study mentioned a few of the abilities they need to master to thrive in the global arena.

  • Ability to deal with ambiguity, uncertainty, and change
  • Ability to develop local talent and initiate changes and improvements using that talent.
  • Ability to create a clear vision.
  • Ability to encourage collaboration, teamwork, and the pooling and sharing of resources without cultural preferences.
  • Ability to design governance models that apply across different cultures, considering cultural differences.
  • Ability to process massive amounts of information, and then distill salient points and communicate them effectively.


Tony DaDante is one of the world’s most accomplished and in-demand executive coaches. With a client list that includes Director level leaders at smaller companies all the way up to Former Presidents of the United States, he is very selective in choosing clients. Tony’s clients are leaders whose work is critically important to the organization. Tony’s coaching process is unique. He has the powerful combination of 35 years of contemporary Leadership and “in the trenches” change management skills and experiences. His social proof is well documented and often the topic of Transformation team meetings and workshops around the globe.


Having led numerous major Enterprise-wide change engagements and processes and simultaneously working side by side with his client teams Re-Creating company cultures with the iconic HBS STRATEGIC FITNESS PROFILING PROCESS.


A RARITY in any business transaction Tony and his team only get paid after their clients get better!  “Better” is not defined by Tony or by his individual clients.  “Better” means measurable positive change in pre-selected leadership behaviors as determined by pre-selected key stakeholders.


Tony is one of the world’s foremost experts at helping people get better…. He provides a rich set of new, practical, and life-tested ideas, concepts, and frameworks that will help those of us who want to change, be the best we can be, and be the person we want to be.


Step up today and start rapidly improving your Leadership skill set.



What changes when you move into your first executive leadership role? Everything. Start your new executives off on the right foot with this unique combination of focused executive coaching and bespoke executive education. Delivered by the best Operators in business.


Reduce learning curves by up to 75% in 90 days.


The Jumpstart Program builds on the simple, practical, and immediately applicable takeaways from the 1000 plus companies and teams who have leveraged the Strategic Fitness Profiling methodology to ensure your newly promoted leaders make the most of their first 90 days as a new executive.


Our participants will be able to similtaneously identify 4-6 silent strategy killers and undiscussables. Then re-prioritize

next steps and grow capabilities.


  • An opening self-assessment on key leadership behaviors and potential
  • Copies of Fit to Compete by Mike Beer, The Disruption Mindset by Charlene Li and Wired for Disruption by Henna Inam 
  • Opening session with Tony and the diverse 360 team to review results.
  • Iconic 2.5 day Inclusive Strategic Fitness Profiling process (inquire about the details)
  • Three 90 minute sessions of focused executive coaching combined with bespoke executive education with the team.

Introduction to High-Performance Leadership

  • Learn what drives high performance in uncertain economic times
  • Identify the three drivers and corresponding attributes of a high-performing work environment

Leadership: Encouraging a High-Performance Environment

  • Explore familiar leadership styles and the correlation between leadership style and resultant behaviors
  • Identify and enable top performers

The Tenets of a High-Performance Environment

  • Explore how good leaders manage change
  • Learn how to optimize thinking during change
  • Discover the power of the 20/60/20 rule, unspeakable subjects, and making loud statements of change

Respectful Communication

  • Communicate to encourage high performance
  • Discuss the key concepts of communication that allow thinking to thrive

Building a High-Performance Environment

  • Learn from each other’s experiences and brainstorm new ideas
  • Implement quick wins to take back and begin implementing immediately

Influence and Collaboration: Negotiation

  • Become a more effective negotiator
  • Prepare for negotiations and everyday influence situations
  • Practice and improve influence and collaboration skills

Now Discover Your Strengths

  • Take the CliftonStrengths profile to discover your strengths
  • Leverage your personal strengths to lead transformational change

Critical Thinking and Consensus: Decision-Making

  • Learn the importance of group process dynamics
  • Discover pitfalls and benefits of team decision making
  • Explore the elements of team processes for making decisions

Celebrating Heroes

  • Recognize and celebrate heroes within the company
  • Craft real-life examples