• Coach executive through ” UNLEARNING” to successfully become a Seasoned Disruptive and Agile Leader.
  • Provide a structure of accountability so more right actions are taken
  • Prepare, strategize and rehearse for Leadership scenario’s involved in transformations
  • Discover and transform old patterns of thinking, acting and communicating which could constrain and weaken results • Use current challenges and opportunities as openings for creating and learning – and professional breakthroughs
  • Re-write your capabilities based playbook • Transfer Business Wisdom: A proprietary methodology consisting of powerful distinctions in creative thinking, transformational leadership, management and communication, which cause breakthroughs in performance


We convene top talent from best-in-class partner companies, immersing participants in a virtual development experience that accelerates leadership impact. The program combines an interactive leadership curriculum delivered by hand-picked GLOBAL EXPERIENCED ” IN THE TRENCHES” faculty with a diverse peer executive community and transformative personal coaching. Leaders emerge from the program as more self-aware executives who lead stronger teams and have broader strategic command of their organizations.


 Leadership makes all the difference
The more change that lies ahead, the more important great leadership will be. Companies that score in the top quintile of talent management outperform their industry’s mean return to shareholders by 22 percentage points.

 Companies can’t always find outside or buy the leadership they need
If they do, it is expensive and does not come with a money-back guarantee. Sports teams can rarely buy a championship through free agency. In business, success in one company does not always translate to success in another. Competition for leadership talent will be fierce.

 Derailments are expensive
The higher the level, the more expensive they are. Costs include wasted salary, relocation expenses, finding and installing a replacement, buy-out packages, damage to morale and productivity, and a slew of other intangibles.

Survival of the fittest (sink or swim) is not the same as survival of the best
Leaving leadership development to chance is foolish. There just are not enough potential leaders around to allow most of them to drown with no assistance. A structured, well design development program will give an organization’s best employees an opportunity to blossom. The quality and quantity can be improved through development.

Its good business practice
Investors consider the quality of a corporation’s management. Talented people prefer to work for companies that invest in their development. Customers prefer to work with companies that can solve their problems. Companies that have strong cultures place high value on leadership.