Virtual Executive Coaching

On-demand, virtual coaching. Developing Disruption Minded and Self-Aware Leaders for this Post-COVID World.

Six one-to-one sessions scheduled according to your needs


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Our Approach to Exceptional Executive Coaching

Team Leaders

Team Leaders

Business Executives

Business Executives

Who is Virtual Executive Coaching for?

Individual coaching benefits every professional who wants to explore their potential and interference by evoking awareness, enabling them to achieve their goal.

A Four-Step Process

Whilst working from home is the new “norm”, the pressure to deliver and deliver fast coupled with increased loneliness at the top has never been more acute.

One-to-one coaching sessions provide a personal and safe space to address everyday leadership challenges whilst simultaneously preparing you to become a stronger and more confident leader, ready to respond to the uncertainties that lay ahead.

  1. Shortly after booking, our team will help you to define your coaching objectives
  2. Once your objectives are defined, we will carefully begin our assessment process
  3. Emerge Stronger will connect with you so you can start planning your sessions
  4. You connect from anywhere in the world to your virtual sessions

Develop self-awareness and personal insight for more effective leadership

Organizations need reflective leaders who can act swiftly and decisively without losing sight of the bigger picture and the opportunities that growth brings.

In times of chaos and turbulence the pressure to deliver and make the final call can be challenging. It is during these times that crafting space for reflection, developing self-awareness, and exploring biases, is key. Now, more than ever, coaching leaders has become more crucial.

Emerge Stronger Virtual Learning

Emerge Stronger new on-demand Virtual Executive Coaching offers Six one-to-one sessions with one of our highly diverse experienced coaches – providing you with the tools and insights to become an Empathetic leader with a strong focus on growth and disruption.

  • 99% of our clients report significant insight growth
  • 95% clients are highly satisfied with the knowledge and experience base of their coach
  • 90% clients say they feel highly promotable after finishing our 6 month program
  • 95% clients say their learnings are directly tied to Post – Covid challenges

Book Your Executive Coaching Sessions

Book your six Virtual Executive Coaching sessions with our team of highly Diverse experienced coaches.

  • Sessions: 6 virtual coaching sessions of 1 to 1.5 hour each
  • Dates: Emerge Stronger will connect you with your expert coach so that you can start planning your sessions according to your schedule
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