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Here is the last webinar recorded on October 7th. See the section just above to see when the next webinar will be.

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Strategic Fitness Profiling:
90 days to “Excellence”

Almost every global company has its share of hidden silent killers which destroy the Strategic Execution of its Playbook and erodes Trust, Engagement, Quality, Performance, and other key Organizational capabilities. The SFP process is 100% inclusive and transparent. It emphasizes the use of Honest, Collective, Compelling, Public Conservations to create dominating growth-oriented cultures that are ahead of the curve in the post COVID competitive space.

This course is for learners, leaders, innovators, change agents and your customers.

It is estimated that on average 360,000 ideas go unheard each year in almost every company. The ramifications of this against stiff foreign competition is extraordinary. What do you believe that sort of cultural ineffectiveness costs us?

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