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GIVEN THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE  NEW NORMAL , We utilize a Powerful, Inclusive, and GROWTH oriented  process that dramatically creates a Culture of Trust. This New Trust creates Fast Innovative and  Cohesive Teams of employees that are FUELED TO DOMINATE IN YOUR SPACE.

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Much can, and has, been said about leadership, but we focus on what really counts: making sure your leadership is aligned so you can execute on your strategy and get results. We work with your senior team team to define your purpose, describe and support a compelling view of the future and agree on the most important actions needed to get there.

We help you prioritize and master the skills and behaviors that correlate directly to increased growth, profitability, and total shareholder return.  Our very successful track record across the world all starts with our Iconic STRATEGIC FITNESS PROFILING PROCESS  which I learned at the HBS from Professor Mike Beer and further deep study with Dr. Chris Argyris ( The Father Of Organizational Learning) Together this process has been completed with over 1000 companies:

  • HBS Strategic Fitness Profiling is a Powerful but common sense approach to teaching and leading HONEST, COMPELLING ,COLLECTIVE AND PUBLIC CONVERSATIONS. This 2.5 day process has created  the following repeatable successes in 90 days or less . It has a 95% win rate and our Value Proposition is second to none. Our work is free if we don’t deliver on our agreed upon objectives. YES FREE:

Do you want outcomes like these ?

  1. Quickly identify 6 or more Silent Killers ( THE UNDISCUSSABLES)  that stall your STRATEGY EXECTION by over 85%
  2. Decrease a leaders learning curve by as much as 75% in 90 days
  3. Prioritize the top 4 Capabilities by confirming valid verifiable data  that leads the top team to see and hear with CLARITY within 90 days
  4. Increase total company engagement by up to 70% in 90 days
  5. Enables leaders in 90 days or less to significantly reduce ORGANIZATIONAL SILENCE
  6. Produces deep data that produces the ” UNVARNISHED TRUTH” so that Tops, Middles and Bottoms can SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER
  7. Develops a deep sense of TRUST within and throughout all silos and functions.
  8. Enables the Top team and Board to comfortably change the STRUCTURE,PROCESSES, and BEHAVIOR while developing COMMITTMENT so that STRATEGY EXCUTION GOES FLAWLESSLY.


Bottom-line boost

The leadership team focuses on how its members work together to more effectively achieve operational and financial goals.

Productive relationships

The team commits to concrete behaviors that get results, and builds a foundation of inclusion, unity and trust.

The Collective Why

The team works together to co-create a compelling vision of the future.  OUR WHY

Candid Discussions

The team understands its unique “Tip of Spear DNA ” and perceives each member’s strengths and weaknesses at a far deeper level.


What is an example of a game changing “RESULT”?
Great Question:
We have reduced the learning curve of New Executive Leaders by as much as 75% in companies such as BP, Mattel, Shell, Honeywell, Eaton, Harley-Davidson and Hewlett Packard as well numerous Entrepreneurial firms. Having this type of impact in less than 90 days while building Executive Capabilities, and creating Dramatic Improvements in both Employee Trust and Engagement!  We have done this in numerous countries with teams large and small.  In Black Swan events all of us go back to zero. A more inclusive and inspiring Leadership is called for.